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Welcome to Vermont Custom Canvas and thanks for taking the time to look.

Vermont Custom Canvas was originally Colonial Upholstery in St.Albans, Vermon, started in 1973. About 1976 we received requests to repair boat tops.  Not long after I was asked to do a boat top.  The job as completed and I thought it was ok. That was the beginning, each boat top was better than the last.  Within about 2 years our work was on par with manufactured canvas. After that I began making my own changes and designs. The improvements came quicker.  About 1980 I joined the Northeast Marine Fabricators. I brought pictures of my work and entered them into the competitions.  Every job I entered we won a first place award.  One year I decided to enter 4 catergories and won all four.  

VCC used Sunbrella Fabric for the first time in 1976 while it was still considered strictly an awning fabric.  It was chosen because the customer wanted a red top to match his boat.  That is when it all began.  Not to long after I began using contrasting binding.  I thought it would look good and convinced Bevins Marine, actually his office staff who approved liked it and so Mr. Bevins conceded.  It's been a part of my jobs since then.  Most likely we are probably about the first to use Sunbrella Fabrics, and contrasting binding in the country.   

With time we added other features and processes to make the canvas stronger, durable and very eye catching.  My daughter Whitney when she was young could identify my canvas work by it's distinctive looks as we traveled the countryside.  I might add that my daughter also started her own canvas shop, called Even Keel Canvas in El Segundo  CA.  Previously she was Savage Point Canvas in North Hero, Vermont.  

Now on to pictures and other details.  


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